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Tasty THC Canada Cannabis Products

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Recreational & medicinal marijuana

Recreational & medicinal marijuana

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Welcome to Tasty THC Canada!

Since our company's inception in early 2013, Tasty THC Canada has become one of our nation's fastest growing producers of cannabis based edibles and extracts. With our Tasty THC and Tasty CBD lines of edibles, we are able to fully accommodate Canadian marijuana dispensaries and online retailers. From sour gummy or sweet hard candies to sugary or savoury cookies, brownies, and muffins, our exquisite edibles are perfect for consumers who seek a delicious way of fulfilling their recreational or medicinal needs. Our specially formulated dog treats can even help support the health and wellness of furry friends!

For a safe, clean, and effective experience, Tasty THC Canada's high grade extracts provide the results people want without the lethargic or intoxicating effects found in other pot products. The purest form of cannabis concentrate, our THC distillates contain the highest THC content available in Canada. Our convenient shatter products offer a heavier-hitting high than traditional forms of marijuana, and provide quick relief for users suffering from a range of ailments.

Our cannabis products for online retailers and for dispensaries are manufactured according to strict quality assurance practices. Add to this our qualified staff's attention to detail and you will find that our company delivers exceptional customer service to everyone we serve. Our full product line for consumers can be found in multiple dispensaries throughout the Canadian cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Quebec City, Hamilton, and neighbouring regions, as well as via multiple online consumers. Learn more about our marijuana edibles and extracts by reading client testimonials and FAQs, or contact a Tasty THC Canada representative directly.

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Scientific research has proven that cannabis can potentially alleviate symptoms of such medical conditions and treatments as cancer, epilepsy, neuroinflammation. More info...

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